Friday, June 17, 2016

Foyer & Dining Room

I love a formal dining room. We don't use ours. Shocker! It's more of a catch all. However, when it is used (for parties, etc) it is really nice to have, 

Here's the view of our front foyer. To the left is our formal living room and to the right is our dining room. I love the tile in this area. 

I redid this piece of furniture when we moved in. LOVE it. 

I have plans to recover the chairs and get new curtains. It just hasn't been a priority for me!

I love this dining set and I love placing pretty things in the hutch. 

Any ideas on what (if?) I should put anything on the walls in here?


  1. I think it is beautiful just as is! If you want to add something on the sides of the buffet, you could show off your plates. I have been in love with this idea since the movie Somethings Gotta Give (where there were plate shelves), but there are tons of real life examples out there where people hand plates on their dining room wall!