Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Get that girl some clothes!!!!

So not only did we say goodbye to white pants on Labor day… but also warm weather. I love the cooler temps, however, I was so unprepared. I have no warm clothes for Kendall. I seriously had only a few clothing items in her size for fall/winter until…

I went shopping at a consignment sale.

O.M.G. I LOVE consignment sales. I had heard about the Little Treasures Sale and went to one while I was preggers in Indiana. It was like a glorified yard sale and I walked out empty handed.

I had a feeling the one in Louisville would be better and it did not dissapoint. Apparently it started last week but yesterday (Tuesday after Labor day) was restock day.

My mom and sister went with Kendall and I (THANK GOD!) and Tara and Caleb met us there.We shopped for almost 3 hours.


*** We switched from my suv to my mom’s and “mother of the year” forgot her stroller in her vehicle!!!! So… Grandma bought Kendall an umbrella stroller so she didn’t have to be held the whole time.


Of course that didn’t last long either!


Here is what I purchased:


for $86.85!!!!

I hardly looked at toys or the other sections of the sale… I was focused on clothes! I came home and washed everything and they are all neatly hanging in Kendall’s closet. It was like Christmas morning for me!

I can’t wait to go again. I will hopefully a) remember my stroller next time or b) go shopping solo to maximize my shopping potential!!!

I may even sign up to sell for the spring sale! It’s a great bargain too!!


**** Oh and per request… here is the tutorial I loosely followed for Kendall's pillowcase dress.


  1. Consignments are the BEST! I have only paid for one of Grayson's nice outfits for full price...the rest are eBay and consignments. I am obsessed with that houndstooth peacoat! Adorable!

  2. I wanted to go there soo bad but didn't make it! they always have good stuff!