Monday, January 30, 2012

Project Playroom: Curtains & Tutorial

Before we moved into our house I knew the playroom would be my favorite room to decorate. I have so many ideas and Pinterest isn’t helping those ideas multiply by any means.

At first I wanted to make this room gender neutral. You know in case we decide to have another baby and it’s a boy. So I painted the room a bright yellow. The paint color was actually called “Bright Laughter”! So fitting for a playroom, huh?

Then… I realized every toy in the room was already PINK so I should GIRL it up for Kendall. Why Be all “gender neutral” when Kendall deserves a fun girly color scheme for the playroom where she will spend hours having so much fun???

The first few days we lived in our home I threw up this tablecloth for a little privacy. I was so classy using painters tape, no?



After my tablecloth failed and fell down every day I decided I needed to get a move on getting something permanent on the windows. However, these windows are kind of difficult. It’s a bay window with not a lot of spacing between the window molding. Hence… no room for a curtain rod unless you want to drill it in the molding.

So I decided I would use tension rods for the window that way if I change me mind later it’s no big deal. The tablecloth started growing on me too and I knew my mom had one just like it. She agreed to let me have hers so I could make curtains. Thanks Mom!!! xoxo

Chris had placed my sewing machine box in the foyer Saturday so when I woke up Sunday I just felt like going with it! By 1:30pm I had curtains in the playroom.

Here’s what I did:

I measured the windows and wrote down my plans.


Laid the tablecloth in the biggest open spot of our floor. That didn’t work for 2 reasons: Kendall & Wilson. :)DSC_0083

I cut 4 different size panels.  DSC_0086

I hemmed the sides that were cut. Great thing about using tablecloths is some sides are already hemmed.DSC_0088

I hemmed the top for the curtain rod to go.DSC_0089

Meanwhile the husband ran to wally world and purchased tension rods for $9 total.

And voila!

DSC_0090 DSC_0092  

I have plans to embellish the curtains with some ruffles but I will save that for another weekend! Next up is to make/find some toy storage solutions, table/chairs and wall decor! I want to build a window seat/toy storage combo bench but the hubs said to wait another month before I assign him another home project. Sigh.DSC_0095

Somebody’s happy about her new curtains!DSC_0098

Not bad for a $9 project!!!


  1. They look great! Look at you being all crafty! Go girl:) And all those toys? I am pretty sure my Kendall has all of the exact toys haha! Is it not crazy how much MORE space toddlers take up than newborns haha. I thought we had a lot of baby things and as she grows her need for more space grows with this rate by the time shes 5 she will have every room in the whole house taken over:)

  2. LOVE the curtains!!! Great work, my friend!