Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Random Things About Me

I'm a planner by nature. I open my date book several times a day and rely on it to tell me what I need to do. If I need to remember to put the clothes in the dryer when I get home I write it down. I have 4 calendars I look at daily. It's kind of obsessive. I don't even use my outlook calendar, iphone calendar or gmail calendar. There is something more productive about physically writing something down on a calendar that helps me stay more organized.

1. The magnetic dry erase board calendar on our fridge.

I put all our family events on this one. Sometimes I write what I'm going to cook for the week.
2. My pretty calendar. I don't really use this calendar to write things down. It's more of a reference for when I'm sitting at my desk wondering what day it is. All I have to do is glance to my left and on my wall is my pretty shoe calendar - courtesy of Rebecca! Everyone needs a pretty shoe calendar at work!
3. Work calendar - I write a few personal things on here but just the one's that conflict with work or are right after work - plus big events.

4. My brain - I write everything in this day planner. I used to be really picky about what kind I bought each year. Now I am still very picky andI wll explin why but when I was in school only used At a Glance Monthly planners. I liked how I could have all my assignments/homework/tests mapped out in a monthly view. I always bought the pink breast cancer awareness ones too!
This year (I'm not kidding) I spent like thirty minutes deciphering between day planners. I finally ended up with this one. I'm still not completly sold on it... I may switch when the july -dec 2011 calendars start popping up.
I really like how it has separate tabs for each month. So I can look at what I have going on really quickly for the month. This is great for planning bigger things like appointments, evenings with friends etc... (I'm a big fan of highlighting as you can tell!)
I also like that is has separate weekly planning - this is good for my to do lists, menu planning, taking notes, remembering things etc...
The shiny thing is a page divider - you move it week to week for easy page flipping!
I sync all my calendars too - or try to anyway! I don't write all my personal stuff from my day planner on my work calendar!
I'm pretty silly about keeping organized. My husband is so busy with school, work and coaching baseball. I'm so busy with work, social life, tv, mk business and taking care of finances that I HAVE to be this organized. Organization is the first step to success in my book. You have to figure out what works for you and stick with it. I have been keeping a day planner since high school. It works for me.

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