Monday, November 15, 2010

Lazy Monday!

Happy Monday! Kendall and I are having a wonderful, relaxing stay-in-your pj's kind of Monday. I did manage to get us both bathed but that is about all we've accomplished today!
We had such a busy weekend. Friday night Kendall had her first trip to Walmart. Yikes! We needed to pick up a hunting license (for Chris), diapers and a few groceries. While Chris was in sporting goods I headed to the grocery section of the store and I swear atleast 5 people sneezed within 5 feet of Kendall. I don't know if I've expressed my dislike of Wal-mart before but I hate that store even more. Yuck!
Saturday Kendall attended her first Christmas event. We met up with my mom and Aunt Lydia to go to her church's Christmas craft fair. I bought some hairbows for Kendall and some gourmet doggie treats for Wilson. It was my first time testing out Kendall's stroller!
Yesterday we finished up part 2 of our photo shoot with my friend Sara Johnson. She sent me a preview last night and OMG!!!! As soon as I get my hands on these pictures I will share them and go get large canvases made to plaster around my house. Kendall is very photogenic and Sara is very talented!!! I'm so excited.
Kendall's Grandma Ryan and aunt Christy came over last night. She brought her the cutest Santa Baby hat and booties. Christmas is my favorite season and I cannot wait for Kendall to experience it all!!! I've been designing Christmas cards on shutterfly for the last hour!
I leave you with this candid portrait of me and my girl. This is a sling I purchased while pregnant and I thought it was too small. Or it could have been that my belly was very big???? Anyways... I figured we try this bad boy out and I LOVE IT! I can get some things done now! She is snoozing away all tight and cozy and my hands are free. Please excuse my fashionable outfit and wet curly hair. Thank you!


  1. Sounds like a fantastic weekend and I can't wait to see more of the photos. Such a beautiful baby girl!