Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Mommy Group & why I'm an idiot

Today Kendall and I attended a new mommy class! It's a new group called the 4th Trimester that gets together every Tuesday at Babyology. Babyology is this WONDERFUL place for moms! They mostly specialize in breastfeeding but they have a store and offer all kinds of classes and services. This is the place where I met with a lactation consultant.
Anyways my friend Corri went last week (she had baby Auria 2 days after Kendall was born) and enjoyed it so I gave it try this week. It's so funny being in a room with 6 other new moms and newborns. Everyone was feeding their baby or changing dirty diapers. Love it!
Afterwards Corri, myself and 2 other moms from the class went to lunch with all our kiddos. We must have been a sight bringing in our car seats! Ha! Kendall and I look forward to going again next week.
After lunch I had a voicemail from my (awesome!) pediatrician... she is a huge breastfeeding advocate and is President of some breastfeeding organization in KY. She needs a new mom to participate in a press conference with her about breastfeeding in Decemeber and she instantly thought of me! Kendall and I feel so honored!!!

Okay... now I am going to share with you all why I'm such an idiot. So I'm losing weight on a weekly basis (thank you breastfeeding) and I'm feeling all good this morning. So I'm thinking I will see how my engagement ring fits since I've been wearing the wedding band solo since week 12 of my pregnancy due to swolleness. It doesn't go on that well - I may have forced it a tad and now... it WON"T COME OFF! So I do what any crazy person does and continue to try and pull it off with the assistance of many lubricated householdproducts. Which in turn made my ring finger swell even more. It's not cutting off my circulation or anything but I hate that it won't come off. I will be icing my finger tonight and trying to twist it off with windex sometime tonight. Fun! lol

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  1. Well, at least Chris can be assured he put a ring on it for awhile. :D Mom told me the story about kendalls fun fling a certain something across the room! That had me rolling. You two are so cute!